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Guiding Principles

At Dansby Wealth Management, we believe it’s important to build a principled business.  Below, you’ll find a few of the principles that guide our business, along with brief explanations of each.  While this list doesn’t represent the entirety of what we believe in, we hope it provides you a better of understanding of how we operate.

-          Success is Client-Defined.  Successfully serving our clients doesn’t mean outperforming the stock market, offering the latest fad investments, or having the highest CD rates.  Those are arbitrary measures that may or may not apply to an individual’s unique situation.  To us, successful service means getting you closer to achieving your vision of financial success.

-          Keep Things Transparent.  We believe good decision-making requires all the facts, so we strive to clearly illustrate things like risks and fees that many other financial professionals gloss over.  These are critical components to your financial strategy and can dramatically impact your quest for financial success.     

-          Strive for Simplicity.  Financial markets and products are complex and can be confusing to even savvy investors, so we try to keep things simple.  We explain our strategies and your investments in easy-to-understand language that won’t cause undue confusion and misunderstandings.

-          Maintain Flexibility.  In today’s world, things change quickly and sometimes dramatically, so it’s important to be responsive to those changes.  We stay up-to-date with this changing landscape and ensure that your financial strategies can adapt as necessary.